Trail Ridge Road East

From Deer Ridge Jct to the Alpine Visitors Center America's Byway

Fall colors from Trail Ridge Rd

How to get there:

Deer Ridge Junction can be reached from either the Fall River entrance or the Beaver Meadows entrance to the park.

  • I-25/I-70 to Deer Ridge Jct
  • 68 miles
  • 1 hr 40 mins
  • GPS
  • Deer Ridge Jct US36/US34
  • 40.3871 -105.6108

In General:

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  • Length: 17 miles
  • Driving Time: min. 45 mins

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You can’t find a road like this one anywhere outside of Colorado! Eleven miles of the route roam above tree line in the alpine tundra.

Mile 2 – Beaver Ponds

It is possible to get some good vistas of the mountain ranges reflected in the small ponds here.

Just beyond the ponds, Hidden Valley Picnic Area

Mile 4 – Many Parks Curve Fall Colors

Scenic vistas back to the east.

Mile 8 – Rainbow Curve Fall Colors

A must stop. Scenic view of Horseshoe Park, the alluvial fan and the beaver ponds.

Mile 11 – Forest Canyon

A deep canyon separates you from a mountain range that seems almost close enough to touch. Sunrise and sunset work here, especially with clouds to catch the light. Clouds can fill the canyon with the peaks rising above—spectacular!

Mile 13 – Rock Cut

The road is cut through some rocks here with a dramatic drop over the side. Good foreground for the peaks in the distance. The 0.5 paved Tundra Trail leads to panoramic views of the alpine tundra at the Toll Memorial.

Mile 16 – Gore Range

Very similar opportunities as the Forest Canyon Overlook.

Mile 17 – Alpine Visitors Center

There is a very nice vista looking back down the Fall River valley at the very eastern end of this facility.

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