Bainbridge Alphamat Artcare

Bainbridge Alphamat mats effectively shield against the pollutants and acid by-products that fade, discolor and damage artwork. They proactively trap and neutralize pollutants and acid by-products that damage your artwork.

There is a wide selection of up-to-date colors and a solid white archival core for clean, crisp bevels.

Color Swatches

I have scanned actual mats with a Datacolor Spectraflash SF600X spectrophotometer and converted the LAB values to RGB. With a monitor calibrated to D65 and a gamma of 2.2 the colors displayed will be as close to the real thing as is digitally possible.

However, whites and most off-whites do not convert to RGB values with visual accuracy.

Also, metallics cannot be duplicated. The metallic swatches on this page do convey an overall color appearance.

Labels in blue indicate a pattern. I am showing the overall color of the mat.

Labels in red indicate swatches I consider standard colors and are normally in stock.


8407 Grey Clay Grey Clay 8575 Violet  Violet
8478 Romanesque Grape 8478 Romanesque Grape 8582 Lupine  Lupine
8479 Imperial Plum Imperial Plum 8583 Pale Mauve Pale Mauve
8480 Gothic Amethyst Gothic Amethyst 8586 Iris  Iris
8567 Dusk Grey Dusk Grey  


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8056 Balmy Blue 8056 Balmy Blue 8474 Persian Sapphire Persian Sapphire
8105 Blue Iris Blue Iris 8504 Shadow Blue Shadow Blue
8111 Purple Orchid  Purple Orchid 8510 Annapolis Blue Annapolis Blue
8417 Venetian Blue Venetian Blue 8533 Brittany Brittany
8442 Kona Kona 8584 Periwinkle Periwinkle
8460 Quaker Grey Quaker Grey 8593 Steel Grey Steel Grey
8473 Florentine Lapis Florentine Lapis  


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8055 Ardent Blue Ardent Blue 8526 Indigo Indigo
8183 Darkest Blue Darkest Blue 857 0Ice Blue Ice Blue
8423 Shadow Shadow 8574 Sapphire Sapphire
8450 Denim Blue Denim Blue 8587 Bellflower Blue Bellflower Blue
8475 Olympian Blue Olympian Blue  


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8107 Peacock Peacock 8499 Cornflower Cornflower
8112 Celestial Blue Celestial Blue 8534 Flemish Blue Flemish Blue
8424 Chameleon Chameleon 8572 Blue Spruce Blue Spruce
8439 Arctic Blue Arctic Blue 8573 Tapestry Tapestry
8456 Fog Fog 8589 Teal Blue Teal Blue
8461 Gun Metal Gun Metal 8597 Flagstone Flagstone
8468 Medieval Forest Medieval Forest 8599 Twilight Twilight


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8182 Rainforest Green Rainforest Green 8469 Stuart Green Stuart Green
8425 Sea Green Sea Green 8471 Dynasty Celadon Dynasty Celadon
8447 Black Spruce Black Spruce 8551 Baltic Green Baltic Green
8449 Cypress Cypress 8471 Hunter Green Hunter Green


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8053 Gentle Green Gentle Green 8191 Antique Taupe Antique Taupe 8511 Sea Mist Sea Mist
8103 Citron Citron 8412 Green Olive Green Olive 8513 Celadon Celadon
8104 Sage  Sage 8418 Charleston Green Charleston Green 8514 Sonora Sonora
8156 Prato Prato 8422 Lem'n Lime Lem'n Lime 8516 Pampas Pampas
8157 Verde Verde 8426 Parakeet Parakeet 8522 Cobblestone Cobblestone
8162 Fango Fango 8431 Antique Antique 8540 Tartan Green Tartan Green
8180 Mocha Mocha 8445 Fiddlehead Fiddlehead 8561 White Dove White Dove
8185 Clay Clay 8448 Jalapeno Jalapeno 8563 Taupe Taupe
8187 Silver Sage Silver Sage 8470 Etruscan Bronze Etruscan Bronze  
8189 Toasted Almond Toasted Almond 8502 Mimosa Mimosa


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8408 Saffron Saffron 8506 Tuscan Brown Tuscan Brown
8446 Raffia Raffia 8520 Talc Talc
8455 Maize  Maize 8521 Fairfield White Fairfield White
8462 Wheat Wheat 8585 Jonquil Jonquil


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8150 Sisal Sisal 8444 Pecan Pecan 8531 Spice Spice
8153 Jute Jute 8454 Marigold Marigold 8535 Moroccan Sand Moroccan Sand
8158 Sole  Sole 8485 Renaissance Gold Renaissance Gold 8550 Calabash Calabash
8159 Mare Mare 8503 Chamois Chamois 8446 Kirkwood Kirkwood
8161 Terra Terra 8509 Malacca Malacca 8460 Sultan Sand Sultan Sand
8401 Biscotti Biscotti 8512 Sorrel Sorrel  
8409 Amber Amber 8525 Almond Almond


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8054 Honeysuckle Honeysuckle 8436 Honeycomb Honeycomb 8489 Lasso Lasso
8186 Light Stone Light Stone 8443 Teak Teak 8427 Almandine Almandine
8188 Barely Beige Barely Beige 8453 Cayenne Cayenne 8536 Heather Mist Heather Mist
8428 Papaya Papaya 8486 Arabian White Arabian White 8539 Briarwood Briarwood
8429 Orchid Orchid 8487 Palomino Palomino  
8432 Angora Angora 8488 Sand Dune Sand Dune


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8050 Demure Rose Demure Rose 8452 Salsa Salsa 8528 Garnet Garnet
8051 Bride's Blush Bride's Blush 8490 Pueblo Pueblo 8545 Catawba Catawba
8052 Precious Pink Precious Pink 8491 Prairie Dust Prairie Dust 8569 Poppy  Poppy
8151 Palm  Palm 8493 Phoenix Red Phoenix Red 8594 Delta Clay Delta Clay
8427 Red Clay Red Clay 8494 Wigwam Wigwam 8595 Sandstone Sandstone
8440 Aubergine Aubergine 8495 Desert Dawn Desert Dawn  
8441 Chaps Chaps 8500 Shell Shell


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8013 Matador Matador 8415 Riviera Red Riviera Red 8565 Olde Rose Olde Rose
8108 Sherry Sherry 8420 Softly Pink Softly Pink 8577 Blush Blush
8109 Desert Rose Desert Rose 8483 Baroque Ruby Baroque Ruby 8591 Right Red Right Red
8184 Black Cherry Black Cherry 8484 Venetian Garnet Venetian Garnet 8592 Bordeaux Bordeaux
8192 Fiery Red Fiery Red 8552 Carmine Carmine  
8414 Begonia Begonia 8564 Powder Rose Powder Rose


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8438 Chalk Chalk 8451 Mulberry Mulberry 8566 Lilac  Lilac


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8463 Spanish White Spanish White 8466 Frost Frost 8559 Photo White Photo White
8464 Matte White Matte White 8467 French White  French White  
8465 Igloo Igloo 8519 Snowflake Snowflake

Greys and Blacks

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8155 Fiori Fiori 8435 Chrome Chrome 8517 Ivory Black Ivory Black
8181 Matte Black Matte Black 8458 Smoke Smoke 8518 Ash Ash
8433 Jet Jet 8505 Teal Grey Teal Grey 8544 Photo Grey Photo Grey
8434 Coal Coal 8515 Dover Grey Dover Grey 8555 Nimbus Nimbus